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Business meeting

Metropole Druten is the perfect location for a conference, seminar, symposium, meeting or network meeting. Easily accessible and spacious parking. Metropole Druten has various business and informal atmospheric spaces. As a "meeting break" you can take a look at the adjacent Classic Cars collection. We offer various packages for lunch, dinner and drinks. Click here to make a reservation.


Looking for a representative and surprising space for an exhibition, art / antiques auction or opening ? Metropole Druten offers everything that you are looking for. Fresh exhibition space with all facilities, spacious parking for your visitors, beautifully situated on the water, various Meet & Greet spaces and professional catering. Click here to make a reservation.


Do you have a jubilee among your employees or are you celebrating your company anniversary yourself? An anniversary is a memorable moment to remember, both with you and your guests. Metropole Druten is the guarantee for an unforgettable anniversary celebration. An anniversary with a modern look or rather in a nostalgic atmosphere? Metropole Druten offers the right ambiance and entourage. Click here to make a reservation


A successful and high-profile kick-off meeting is part of the launch and introduction of a new activity or product. The Metropole Druten team can provide you with expert assistance. Metropole Druten has various large and small rooms for groups of 20 people and more. Naturally Metropole Druten provides the appropriate snacks and drinks. With a kick-off at Metropole Druten you will definitely get that everyone marches to the same tune. Click here to make a reservation.

Fashion show

A fashion show in an entourage of classic cars at Metropole Druten is a real eye-catcher. Fashion against the backdrop of impressive old-timers, young-timers and new-timers in the adjacent Classic Cars collection. Your fashion event goes really viral and attracts the necessary publicity. Metropole Druten offers various packages for suitable snacks and drinks in fashion style. Click here to make a reservation

Company party

Something different from the usual party room? Metropole Druten offers various possibilities for company parties to bind and fascinate your employees. Before the party, take a look at the Classic Cars to get in the mood and then have a drink in an authentic, atmospheric brown café. An unforgettable company party is the best motivational boost for your employees! Ideal for team building. Look for a suitable package. Click here to make a reservation.

Private party / wedding party

For private parties from 20 people such as a special birthday, wedding, family reunion or a promotional party, Metropole Druten is the party location par excellence. Our nostalgic rooms with a cozy atmosphere ensure that your guests immediately feel at home. Perfect care of lunch, brunch, dinner or drink is in good hands with Metropole Druten. See also our packages. Click here to make a reservation.

Rally (start and finish)

You couldn't wish for a better start for a car rally than at Metropole Druten. With roaring engines in a column, depart from the spacious parking area in a green environment. After the rally finish again in the dynamic atmosphere of Metropole Druten for the award ceremony and the closing drink and snacks. Don't forget to admire our Classic Car collection. Click here to make a reservation.


Metropole Druten is an event accommodation with generous spaces and ample parking facilities for larger groups for receptions, both business and private. Reception with a suitable snack and a drink and after the reception it is good to dine with a smaller group in one of our cozily furnished rooms such as the Café Mille Miglia. Click here to make a reservation.

Relationship Day

A relationship day that should retain? You really impress your relations with a reception in the representative Metropole Druten. We have rooms for lectures, product presentations and network meetings with your customers and suppliers. Various catering arrangements make your relationship day complete. Metropole Druten, the best rating for your relationships. Click here to make a booking.


A reunion of your education or university, a dispute reunion, meeting with colleagues from the past, a sports club reunion or veterans' meeting. You undoubtedly have a lot to tell each other. What better way than in the memorable and stylish environment full of nostalgia at Metropole Druten. We put together a suitable catering arrangement entirely according to your wishes and budget. Click here to make a booking.

Society and business club

Looking for a permanent place where you regularly meet with the members of your club or business club (Lions, Rotary, Round Table, Kiwanis), your tour club, alumni association, business association or group of friends? A permanent place for your meetings and parties? For groups of 20 people and more, Metropole Druten offers ample opportunities for meetings in one of our beautiful rooms: Café Mille Miglia, the Witte Salon, or the Tasting Room. Click here to make a reservation.


Sport is dynamic and requires a dynamic environment. With a beautiful outdoor area, ample parking and various reception areas, Metropole Druten offers the ideal environment for your sports event. Start your cycling event, motorsport tour, or classic car rally at Metropole Druten. We also welcome you again at the finish. The quietly located Metropole Druten is also a suitable place for your bridge or chess tournament. Click here to make a reservation.
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